Saturday, 16 July 2011

Super Mario 74 (A recent 100% finished hack)

So, recently I've been doing a few things. Working on my hack, SM64GS, and playing this game. This is a hack that was finished and released a few weeks ago, so there's plenty of youtube videos on how to get some stars. Instead of the usual 120 stars in the original game, Lugmillord (creator of this hack) has bumped the total up to 150. Super Mario 74 seems to be the sequel to Super Mario 64.

So, what's good about this hack anyway?? Well, it's very creative. Many hidden areas. There's plenty of surprises. You'll enjoy it all the way through (well, except when you're stuck on really hard stars). Another thing about SM74 is that the degree of difficulty is soaring high. I'd say about a 9/10. The game to me is impossible without using savestates. I used them as frequently as I could. Also in many places the game's camera angle is shocking. If you're going to play this game, make sure you read all the signs. They give important information.

If you compare this game to other hacks, there is not much customization, such as no custom enemies, no custom behaviours etc. However, there is a bit of custom msuic, so you won't be listening to the same music that's in the original game. In fact, SM74 is one of the most similar games to the original SM64. Other hackers have really made thier hack more of theirs, and they look nothing like the original game. So, my final rating for SM74, is 9/10.

So, after reading all of this, do you want to play it??? Alright then. If you want it, follow the instructions down below.
You'll need:
SM74 Rom (of course): (Just click download when it's ready).

Super Mario 64 Rom (This is needed from the start of patching the rom): (Apparently it's illegal to supply a download link to copyrighted roms, so I'll tell you how to find it instead).

OBJ Importer (to make some settings in order to play): (To download, scroll down the page till you find this: "Download Mario 64 Level Importer v15". Click it).

PPF-O-Matic (to patch things into the SM64 rom): (Scroll down the page till you find "download file now").

SM64 Rom Extender (Needed to extend the rom, making it easier to patch things to): (Scroll down the page till you see "Download the Windows/Mac OS X version of M64 ROM Extender 1.3b").

Project 64 (Emulator to play the game on): (On the top of the page, a pop-up thing should appear, right click it and click Download File.
Setting up the Rom

1: Download/install those files. To find the SM64 Rom, type "Super Mario 64 Rom" in google, and click the 2nd link. Then click the download buttons that appear.

2: I recommend putting those downloaded stuff right into a file on the desktop called " SM64 Stuff". Don't forget to extract the files too if they're zipped. Now, you see your SM64 rom?? You need to open up "M64ROMExtender". Go through the files that come up until you see an application with an orange symbol. Double click that. Click Open File, and find where you saved yuour SM64 Rom. When found, open it, and wait for the file to be extended. When finished extending close the ROM Extender.

3: Open up the "Mario64LevelImporterv15" folder. Click "obj_import15". Then find the "Rom_Expand" application. You have to drag your Extended SM64 Rom (should be called "Super Mario 64 (U) [!].ext.z64") into that rom_expand application. Wait for the rom to expand. When finished, close the obj_importer stuff.

4: Now, open up "ppfomatic_version_3.0". Click the application called "ppf-o-matic3" or the one with the CD image on it. Click "Run". Then, where it says ISO file, on the end, there's a symbol. Click it, and open up your SM64 ROM (the extended and expanded one). To find it, you have to click at the bottom of the open page, the Files of type. Click the down button, and click all Files. Then select your SM64 ROM. Click open when you've found it. Then, where it says patch, click the symbol and find where your "obj_import6" file is. It's in your "obj_importer" stuff. Click "Apply" once you've finished

5: Repeat step 4, except one thing. For the patch, instead of opening up the "obj_import6" file, you must open up the "Super Mario 74E V1.4" file. It should be in your SM74 folder. Once you've selected those, click "Apply". Now you are ready to play the rom. You may want to rename the rom you've been editing to something like, Super Mario 74.z64 (you muct include .z64 in the name). Now you need to set up the emulator, becuase the game doesn't work yet.
Setting up the Emulator

1: So, open up Project 64 (considering you've already installed it of course). If you're having trouble finding the application, go into "My Computer", "Local Disk (C:)", "Program Files" (you have to have permission to go into there). In there, scroll down till you find "Project 64 1.6". Click it, then it should be there. The emulator is theone with the symbol PJ64. Copy that file to a place you'll most likely find it easily, so you don't have to rumage through the Program Files everytime.

2: Once you've found it, and opened it, click "Options" then "Settings".
Click "Options", then untick the box next to "Hide Advanced Settings". Now, find and click "Advanced". Find the "Deafult Memory Size", and click the little arrow. Select the "8MB" option. Then click "OK". Now you can finally play SM74. However, you may want to set up the controls first, so you can run around without fiddling with every keyboard letter/symbol to see what's what.
Setting Up the Controls

1: Click "Options". Then click "Configure Controller Plugin". You'll see a page come up with the controls. You only have to edit "Analog Stick" and it's options, "C-Buttons" and its options, and the A, B, Z etc buttons. Completely ignore the Digital controls. To edit the buttons, click the box next to the button you want to edit, then click the Letter/Symbol you want it to be. You may have to edit the digital buttons to other random letters, so you can get the C-Buttons to what you want them to be. When finished, just click "Save Profile" then "OK".

Alright, once you've finished setting up the controls, you can play!! To play, click "File", "Open ROM". Then find your SM74 ROM. Congratulations, now you can play!
If you need to contact the owner of the hack, Lugmillord, you can visit him on his YouTube page:


  1. ok thats a lot of stuff to do, im going to do it all now...

  2. hey after i select a file all the screen goes white and the music is still playing what i do?

  3. Hello, when I open the file, it says, "Unknown CIC chip!" "Unhandled CICchip(-1) in first DMA!" Please help me!!!

  4. oh that "Unknown CIC chip!" "Unhandled CICchip(-1) in first DMA!" that is nothing i get that to i am pretty sure it is normal unless the game is just not working then i don't know but yeah that is normal! =)

  5. This is Luigi* here, my google account won't let me post comments for some reason.


    Kristopher is correct. It's normal for it to do that.

    @Anonymous You've probably done something wrong in the instructions, or forgot to set Project 64's memory to 8GB. Try redoing the instructions, or set the memory.

  6. The Project 64 Emulator - last download; it's an .exe file and it won't work on my Mac. Help?

  7. will this work for the wii downloadable version?

  8. After selecting a file, the screen goes white and nothing workd. The start screen was running pretty low too even though N64 games usually run perfectly on my computer. (I have a pretty powerful one). Could it be because I'm using PJ64 1.7?

  9. This doesn't work. I'm having the same problem as Kristopoher. When I open it, it says "Unhandled CICchip(-1) in first DMA!" and then it's just a blackscreen. I followed the steps clearly, also, so I have no fucking idea why it's not working.

  10. I got it to work, but now after I click a save file, it crashes with an error that says, "Access Violation" "While processing graphics data an exception occurred you may need to restart the emulator" I already restarted the emulator and my PC like 10 times and it still has the same error. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE?

  11. same "Unknown Cic Chip" & "Unhandled cicChip(-1) in first DMA" Just get a black screen :( - HELP HELP!! PLEASE

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  13. You know how to get the rom to show up in the list with a good name, instead of bad rom? i have tried everything.

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  16. it says mobile me is closed when i try to download the rom extender

    1. just pick one random of the net
      Search for rom extender and it will show

  17. This Link doesnt work for me.
    "SM64 Rom Extender (Needed to extend the rom, making it easier to patch things to): (Scroll down the page till you see "Download the Windows/Mac OS X version of M64 ROM Extender 1.3b")."

    If i open the link it gives me a blank site

  18. It didnt work over and over and over again, i finally got it to work but as i chose a file the screen went white! The start menu is fine but goes white after i select file

  19. several years ago i was working on a m64 texture and story mod something like that weed mod
    however my computer's HDD went to shit and it was lost for ever but i have found my self at it again it will take some time with the odd 800 or so textures i'll be sifting and editing hope you all like it when its done
    I have a nack for texture editing

    however i suck at and also dont have time to learn how to or mess around with midi or objects in the game

    if someone could make a 3d star as a 3d weed plant i'd give you equal credit for it

    and if somone could convert these into m64 files I would give you equal credit for that as well

    Email me at

    1. the music i need converted for the m64 files i need is

      :Super Mario Land - Super Mario Compact Disco-

      Creepy Carnival sounding Music based off of ff4-

      super mario land remix and underground theme remix split it into two if you could--

      creepy carnival music

      and ill take into consideration any m64 file that sounds good

      I also need mario to say mother fucker when he dies

      and say got the green when he gets a star

      and Ffuuuuuuckk when he falls

    2. please put it in the form of patches for the star and the mario sfx.

    3. also if i use anything from anyone they will receive a beta versions of my mario as i hit milestones please don't leak the betas until i'm done with the final version though

  20. When i try to open the ROM it says, "In a permanent loop that cannot be exited. Emulation will now stop. Verify ROM and ROM settings." Please help!!!

  21. i tryd it with a loz oo hack and it dosnt work... the game starts normaly.. why? the file is patched and the that 8mb thing is done

  22. I started playing this game a week or two ago. Up to 79 stars, haven't had to use save states yet.

    I am seeing an annoying glitch. On the koopa the cheater star, koopa turns to the left, gets stuck, and never makes it up to give you the star.

    Is this fixable? And if not, do you need all 150 stars to open up anything? If not I'm fine just looking up the time you need to beat, and if I beat that time, saying 'Ok star gotten' and moving on.